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La Cumbre V

Termino de leer ya la prensa sobre la cumbre pues en caso contrario pierdo el resto del sábado y tengo muchísimas cosas que hacer. Solo resaltar que Merkel ha conseguido lo increíble: poner de acuerdo a Paul Krugman, el intelectual de izquierdas más influyente en el mundo de habla inglesa

"the relentless wrong-headedness of the Europeans, their insistence on seeing their crisis as something it isn’t, and responding with actions that deepen the real crisis, has been a wonder to behold. In the 1930s policy makers had the excuse of ignorance; there was nobody to explain what was happening. Now, their actions amount to a willful disregard of Econ 101"

y a Niall Ferguson, lo mismo pero en la derecha anglosajona:

"It is all, quite simply, too little. And the result is that the euro zone is about to repeat history. In the absence of sufficient resources for the new federal model, the new rules about budgets (and bank capital) are going to lead to pro-cyclical fiscal and monetary policies, deepening rather than alleviating the economic contraction we are witnessing.

“Eurozone Deal Leaves Britain Isolated” trumpets the Financial Times, for many years an ardent proponent of monetary union. But if David Cameron can succeed in isolating Britain from the disaster that is unfolding on the continent, he deserves only our praise. For once the old joke—“Fog in the Channel: Continent Cut Off”—seems applicable. There is now a Depression on the other side of the channel, and it is indeed the continent that is cutting itself off—from sane economic policies."

Eso sí, aquí en España todos los medios de comunicación saltan de alegría por el gran avance de Europa y se asombran por el comportamiento británico. No sé, yo casi que me fío más de gente como Krugman o Ferguson que tienen algo más de culturilla y de experiencia que de nuestro típico columnista nacional...